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Module 0-Technology Orientation: Intro Powerpoint


In my first project I made a two slide power point with a picture and I used a link and we were suppose to talk about it.  I made the mistake of using the same powerpoint I did for my other class and instead was suppose to talk about a quote.  So I need to read more carefully on the next class so I will not make the same mistake. 


Module 1-Project 1A: Digital Story 

For this project, I created a photo story of my family vacation. I wish I could have found all the pictures I had from the trip but I think the cd is lost somewhere.  I had fun creating this project because I can share it with my family. 


Juan M. Garcia Seattle Vacation Photo Story.


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 21891abf5ca64f2d9af8235744c12732



Module 1-Project 1B: Lesson Plan 



In Project 1B, I created a lesson plan that can be used to teach students the Lunar cycle.  In this lesson the students can download pictures or take pictures of their own to create a photo story about the lunar cycle.  I think it is a great introductory lesson on how to integrate a digital story into a lesson.


Module 2-Project 2 Component 1: Mission Statement

As Master Technology Teachers, we are facilitators, mentors, and guides in the effective use of Technology so that it can be integrated into the curriculum and gear classroom instruction to be student-centered, which allows our 21st Century learners to compete in our global society. 

I think my mission statement was well written and not to long.  It tells you what I believe a MTT should be. 



Module 2-Project 2 Component 2 : Multimedia Presentation 


In this project I looked at the needs of my campus and what we can do to Integrate technology at the campus level.  I found that we are not integrating technology but just using it as a fancy tool.  I  think we are heading in the right direction but the teachers need to have more professional development on integrating technology.  We have the tools but we need to learn how to use them effectively.  I  need to correct some of my slides and make sure all the headings match in my power point and correctly cite each slide not just at the end but also on each slide.


Module 3 Project 3 Part 1: Defining Web 2.0

What is Web 2.docx

I really enjoyed doing this project because it helped me define what web 2.0 is.  After researching and finding different definitions of what web 2.0 is I came up with my own definition.  I think I may have missed a point or two on my definition but I was pleased with what I came up with.


Module 3 Project 3 Part 2: Social Bookmarking

In this project I created my Diigo account.  I did not read the deliverables right so all I did was create the account.  Then I added some friends and started to share my bookmarks with them by added several sites that I found useful.  I am still learning how to use this.

My diigo username is: jmgarcia20

Url:  http://www.diigo.com/profile/jmgarcia20



Module 3 Project 3 Part 3: Building Your Wiki for Collaboration

I built my wiki to help my teachers at my school understand what web 2.0 is and provide them links to science content resources.  I know my wiki was not up to standards but it is still a work in progress.  Iam still missing a lot of links that I need to put in but I intend to finish it.


My wiki Url: http://adamesciencelab.pbworks.com/ 


Module 3 Project 3 Part 4: Creating a Blog for Educational Purposes

My blog was created so that I could talk about integrating technology in the classroom and get ideas form other people.  I wish we would of started this part at the beginning of the summer so that we could have more time to discussed different ideas each one of us had.  I have never done blogging before and think it will be useful in the classroom to get feedback from my students.


My blog  Url: http://jmgarcia20.blogspot.com/


Module 3 Project 3 Part 5: Voice Thread or Jing


I created a Jing to help teachers and students learn how to create and insert a title slide, transition slide, or ending slide in their photo story 3 projects because it does not have a blank slide feature.

I really think voice thread and jing are useful because you can create tutorials for your students and even for teachers and subject matter they do not understand or know.  I can think of many tutorials i can create at the campus level but do not have the software at home.  I can't wait to get back to school and use this tool.



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