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EDTC6343 MTT Practicum

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Excel Skills 2 practice Problem:


EDTC6343Juan Garciaexcelpp2.xls


Powerpoint Skills 2 Practice Problem:





Powerpoint skills 1 : edtc6343juangarciappt.ppt


Excel skills 1 : Juan Garcia labor_ practice_problem_1_1.xls



Case study #1


The use of the spreadsheet software that Mr. Haddad has proposed is appropriate for the students because it is grade appropriate and in sixth grade is when the students began to learn about spreadsheet software and how to use it.  It its effective in enhancing this activity because the students will now be able to analyze the data they have collected.  The students will be able to use the software and create their own graphs and report to the class their data analysis.   The students are the ones gathering the data, and inputting it into the spreadsheet rather that following some example.

To enhance this project and make it more effective the teacher can have the students make a slide show presentation such as using Microsoft power point.  The power point presentation can also include pictures from a digital camera and slide for the spreadsheet software. The power point presentation will allow the students to present their findings to the class on their project.

The power point presentation is appropriate because the students can incorporate slides from the spreadsheet software and graphs they have creating using the spreadsheet software.  It is effective because the students are using an additional technology to convey their findings from their project to their peers in an effective manner rather than just reading a report.  The students can enhance their final report using power point by adding pictures they have taken of the greenhouse and the different steps they have taken during their project.

First I would preconference with the teacher and make sure he knows how to use the software.  I would also review the lesson with him and have the teacher do the lesson himself to see if he has any questions regarding the technology portion of the lesson.  I would also assist him with creating a rubric for the lesson for grading purposes.  When the teacher is ready to do the project I would have the teacher make sure everything is working properly and all the technology is up and running.  I would offer to observe his first class doing the project and also be available if he was in need of some assistance.  After he has done the project with all the students I would have a post conference with the teacher.   I would provide feedback on how well he explained the technology portion of the project.

The power point presentation can be adapted for math class as well. If the students are doing a lesson on measurement, the students can walk around campus with a ruler, meter stick, and measuring tape and take measurements of different objects they find.  They use the digital camera and take the different pictures of the objects they have measured.  They can take pictures and measurements of the different students and their grade level and compare them on a slide on their power point presentation. 


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