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Juan Miguel Garcia's E-Portfolio Frontpage

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Welcome to Juan Miguel Garcia's Electronic Portfolio




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Hello my name is Juan Miguel Garcia.  I am currently a 3rd grade teacher at J.S. Adame Elementary in the Donna school district.  I teach math and science. I am also a Master Technology Teacher Mentor for my school district.  I have been teaching for eight years.  I am excited for the oppourtunity to gain the knowledge and skills from the Master of Education in Educational Technology and apply that in my professional career.  This has allowed me to become a leader in my professional community and provide trainings to my peers.


The purpose of my e-portfolio is to show a collection of work that reflects my progress and growth that I have achieved through the Masters of Education in Educational Technology program.  I started the program in the summer of 2009 and finished in the spring of 2011.  The e-portfolio also includes artifact reports that reflect my achievement of six professional responsibilities addressed in the M.Ed. program.


My e-portfolio is organize with a menu bar at the top of each page that allows you to navigate through each page.  The menu bar allows you to navigate to the follow pages:

     Home page

     Reflection Letter


     Courses Taken

     Contact Me


To Navigate through the e-portfolio click desired link and it will direct you to each page. Home link brings you back to this page. Matrix Link directs you to a matrix of the artifact reports, a brief summary of each artifact, and links to each project.  The courses I have taken can be accessed through the Courses Taken link.  Contact Me link directs you to my contact information. 


Contact Me:

Juan Miguel Garcia




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Resume Document. 

Juan Miguel Garcia Resume.pub






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