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Artifact 1 Report

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Juan M. Garcia


EDTC 6320: Instructional Technology


Podcasting in Education

Project Description:

This project was a collaborative project in which we used the ADDIE model to develop an instructional design.  Our main goal was using podcasting in education.  Students are bringing iPods, mp3 players and hand held video games to school.  Why not use these gadgets for an educational purpose.  The students can listen to teacher lectures, missed assignments and school news through podcasting by downloading the feeds to their iPods or mp3 players.  The students can also use the iPods and mp3 players for school projects such as creating a podcast for School News.  There are tutorials on how to create a podcast and how to use it with content.


Responsibilities Met:

Responsibility 2: Design. The candidate will design instruction (or human performance strategies) to meet the needs of learners. Design documents and projects must show evidence of analysis of problem situation, awareness of unique characteristics of intended audience and implications for instruction, selection and implementation instructional strategies consistent with analysis of the learning situation and intended learners, selection and justification of appropriate medias, and evidence of both formative and summative evaluation strategies.

Performance Indicators Justification

2.3 Demonstrates ability to select and integrate into instruction a variety of research-based instructional strategies.

2.3 We used the ADDIE model to developed the instructional strategy of using podcasting in education.  Students can create collaborative projects such as a podcast for the school news, the teachers can create podcast for students on lectures they missed, or upcoming assignments, even give an overview of what objectives they are going to learn that week in class. 


Responsibility 5: Research. The candidate collects, evaluates, and synthesizes research from a variety of appropriate sources in order to support decision-making in design, development, implementation and evaluation of instructional systems.

Performance Indicators Justification

5.1 Demonstrates ability to conduct comprehensive literature review and provide summation of a relevant topic in instructional technology.


5.2 Uses research in instructional technology to justify academic decisions in course work projects and professional work-related responsibilities.





5.3 Uses research to justify selections of instructional strategies.

5.1 In this project, we did a comprehensive literature review of podcasting in education and provided a summation of how it can be used in education.


5.2 In this project, I developed multimedia tutorials based on research that learners retain more information by using multimedia.  Throughout my course work I have create numerous multimedia learning objects.  I also developed these learning objects so that they could also be utilize in my professional work related responsibilities.


5.3We used the UTB online library to research scholarly sources. We also used Google scholars to find other professional web resources to justify our instructional strategy of using podcasting in education. 

Responsibility 6: Collaboration. The candidate demonstrates the ability to form electronic teams in order to identify and solve problems and opportunities in the field of instructional technology. The candidate demonstrates effective team building skills in a distributed collaboration environment, and demonstrates how candidate's own students or colleagues can take advantage of electronic collaboration for distributed team building.

Performance Indicators Justification

6.1 Demonstrates the ability to team electronically with professionals to identify instructional problems or opportunities and devise appropriate solutions.




6.2 Identifies trends in distributed instruction.




6.3 Demonstrates effective utilization of tools necessary to implement distributed instruction.

6.1 My group and I teamed electronically using a variety of different tools available to identify our instructional problem and devise our appropriate solution.  We meet on Elluminate, shared information via our wiki page and used email to communicate.



6.2  Trends in distributed instruction that we identified were podcasting.  A trend we used to develop our project was the wiki page, Camtasia video, and PowerPoint.


6.3 Our wiki page and tutorials on podcasting show effective ways to utilize the tools necessary to implement distributed instruction.

Modifications Made

I am currently working on the revisions for this project.  I have deleted the web resources on the tutorial page because they were found in two places and add some descriptions to the web resources on the resource page. There were many grammatical errors that need to be fixed and I am going to add more to the implementation page.  In the future, I plan to develop the tutorials more. I am going to redo the tutorial on creating a podcast since this will be used by my students and by other teachers on the campus.






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