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Edci6304-61 Learning and Cognition

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EDCI 6304 Learning and Cognition Home page 



Project 7: E-Portfolio and Self Evaluaton

Goal Statement

My goals for this course are gain as much knowledge as I can from my peers and the professor.  I want to learn about the basic models of learning, how we could use these models in the classroom.  I want to learn about educational objectives and learning concepts.  I believe what I learn in this class I can then in turn use it in my classroom.   I am also a firm believer in learning from my peers, and I think there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in each classmate and I want tap into that knowledge and see what other people are doing in different parts of the country.  By taking this class I will be one step closer to achieving my goal at UTB, which is to get my Masters in Educational Technology.  After this semester I will only need two more courses to finish.


Self Evaluation Report 



Project 1: Class Orientation

Project 1 was our class orientation.  we did a scavenger hunt to get familiar with the class and took a quiz on blackboard.

The follow power point is my introduction.

Introduction Power Point


Project 2: Gifting

Project 2 we were expected to gift our colleagues at least five times over the semester.  Most of my gifts were to help students with the class and also give them some resources they can use throughout their Masters program.

Gift 1


My first gift has nothing to do with the chapters but will help you organize interesting websites that you find and want to share with people or come back to later on.  I suggest that all of you create a diigo account if you have not already done so and you can use this diigo account to collaborate with your friends  on interesting sites that all of you can share or use in your field of study.

Gift 2

This is a great website that relates constructivism to teaching in the classroom.


Gift 3

This is a great website to movtivate your students in the classroom.  It has all different kinds of educational games.


Gift 4 

This is a great web site that teachers can use if they do not know all of the technology that is available out there to use.  The author has posted several books that are very useful.


Gift 5

This is a great site if you want lessons created on the smart board by teachers for teachers to use.



Project 3: Wiki Blog-Weekly Discussion Questions and Comments 

Project 3: We were to write discussion questions about the chapter we were reading for a particular week.  We also had to comment on two of our peers blogs for the week.   Below are my response and comments for each week.

Blog Discussion Questions and Comments 


Project 4: Resident Expert 

Project 4: We could work in groups of 2 or 3 people and I chose to work with Candice Markham.  We were the resident experts for chapter 9 Neuroscience of Learning and present the chapter to the class.  Below is the work we did for this project.

Journal Article for Ch.9


Neuroscience of Learning Power Point


Project 5: Service Project/Lesson Plan

Project 5: We had to work in groups of 2 or 3 people and I worked with Candice Markham.  We had to develop a mini lesson plan on a specific concept in a content area.  We chose to do our lesson plan uese a Science objective.  The lesson plan and power point are linked below.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Power Point


Project 6: Research Literature Review

Project 6: We could work individual or with a partner and I worked with Candice Markham.  We had to write a review paper based on a theoretical interest in learning and cognition and had to evaluated two of our classmates' papers.  Below are the different task we did to complete the whole project.

Inquiry Questions and Summaries  Link to partners wiki first two sources and summaries

Summaries and sources 3-6 for Literature Review

Sample Article Summary 

Inital Draft 

Peer Review 1

Peer Review 2

Final Draft



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