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EDCI 6300 Intro To Research

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Research Paper

Research Problem


In recent years a new trend has arrived in higher education.  Podcasting is an emerging technology tool that is being utilized in higher education classrooms all over the country.  Podcasting is an audio recording of the instructors voice that the students can access via an instructors webpage or download directly from itunes.  Podcasting in Higher education allows students to access the class notes or teachers lectures that are downloading to a mp3 device and heard at anytime they wish.  The students can review these audio recordings to help them understand lectures before they are attend class.

               For many years now researchers are interested in the effect of podcasting in Higher education.  Does podcasting in Higher education improve the students overall understanding of what is being taught in the course?  Do students that take classes that professors or instructors offer podcasting audio recordings make better grades in there courses?  The main goal of this research is to examine students achievements when they utilize the podcasts that are available to them.


Topic Outline



Research Paper on Podcasting

Effects of Podcasting on Higher Education





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