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Artifact 2 Report

Page history last edited by Juan Miguel Garcia 12 years, 2 months ago

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Juan M. Garcia

EDTC 6321: Instructional Design

Smart Board Activities

Project Description:

This instructional unit will focus on helping Teachers at J.S. Adame create a Smart Board activity using the templates provided by the Smart Board software. Many teachers at the campus are not utilizing the Smart Board for its intended purpose. The teachers use the Smart Board for a screen to project what they are writing using the Elmo. By creating this instructional unit, the teachers will have access to a resource that will show them how to use a template in the Smart Board software. The instructional unit will be available to them on the school website and the campus intranet.

Responsibilities Met:

Responsibility 2: Design. The candidate will design instruction (or human performance strategies) to meet the needs of learners. Design documents and projects must show evidence of analysis of problem situation, awareness of unique characteristics of intended audience and implications for instruction, selection and implementation instructional strategies consistent with analysis of the learning situation and intended learners, selection and justification of appropriate medias, and evidence of both formative and summative evaluation strategies.

Performance Indicators Justification

2.1 Demonstrates ability to perform analysis and documentation of instructional need or opportunity resulting in student-centered, performance based instructional objectives based upon, and appropriate for, a specific audience.






2.2 Demonstrates ability to perform comprehensive task analysis of an instructional objective.





2.3 Demonstrates ability to select and integrate into instruction a variety of research-based instructional strategies.







2.4 Demonstrates ability to develop and select appropriate assessment instruments.



2.5 Demonstrates ability to use formative evaluations for iterative assessments of components of the design process.

2.1  In IU1 thru IU3 the documentation of the analysis and instructional need was provided.  In IU1 the description of the learning environment and the intended audience was written.  After getting feedback from the learners the instructional goal was developed. The instructional goal for this unit was: Using a template, teachers will create quizzes for display on the smart board to quiz students on the objectives being taught in class. In IU2 a first level task analysis and an in depth analysis was conducted.  I used the first level task analysis to identify the instructional objectives. In IU3 the performance objectives  and assessments were developed from the instructional objectives identified in IU2.


2.2 In IU2, I went through the process of an in-depth analysis of my goal statement.  I broke down the goal into a series of steps the learner needed to complete in order to achieve the goal.  After looking at my goal statement and my in-depth analysis, I classified my goal into the intellectual skills domain of learning.


2.3 In IU4, the instructional strategy, media selection, delivery system and first draft of instructional materials was developed.  The instructional strategy was based on Gagne's five major learning components which are pre-instructional activities, content presentation, learner participation, assessment, and follow-through activities.  Media selection for this instructional unit was a Camtasia video that included text, audio, and graphics.  The delivery method was through a campus wiki page and intranet.  The first draft materials were developed using Microsoft word and then converted to a pdf.


2.4 In IU3 the assessment instruments were developed.  After each performance objective the learner would answer questions. A rubric was also created to evaluate if the quiz was created successfully by the learner.


2.5 In IU5 I conducted a formative evaluation which consisted of three parts; a Subject Matter Expert, one-to-one evaluation, and small group evaluation.  My SME was a Master Technology Teacher at another campus in our school district.  After receiving her feedback, I corrected my grammatical and spelling errors she found, added screen shots, and reworded some of my steps based on her recommendations.  My  one-to-one evaluator was a principal at another campus, she went through the instructional unit and had some questions on the wording of some of my steps, I corrected those errors based on her evaluation.  For my small group evaluation, I only had one person return feedback, She was a teacher at my campus.  After she completed the instructional unit, she thought it was very useful and the screen shots provided adequate explanation of how to create a quiz template.  Based on their evaluations I made the necessary changes to my instructional unit.

Responsibility 3: Development, Utilization and Management. The candidate will develop, utilize and manage a variety of media and instructional technologies to deliver instruction to students.

Performance Indicators Justification

3.1 Demonstrates ability to develop instruction using a minimum of three different medias.


3.2 Applies research-based rationale for the selection and utilization of technologies for learning.



3.3 Demonstrates ability to manage projects and evaluate progress and improvement.


3.4 Uses the results of evaluation methods to revise and update instructional materials.

3.1 The media used to develop this instructional unit was text, graphics and screenshots.  The final product would be a Camtasia video.


3.2The rationale for the selection and utilization of technologies for learning was a cognitive approach where the learners would participate and used the technology needed for this project.  


3.3 A timeline was developed for each of the IUs and I met the deadlines.  A student in my class evaluated my progress and provided valuable feedback.


3.4 After every IU was completed, I had a feedback partner that would evaluate my IUs. Based on my reevaluation and her feedback, I would revise and update my instructional materials.

Responsibility 4: Evaluation.The candidate uses incisive and relevant assessment and evaluation techniques (e.g., product or project which uses formative and/or summative evaluations). Candidate demonstrates the ability to evaluate quality of instructional materials and instructional systems using appropriate methodologies. Candidate also demonstrates the ability to use formative and summative assessment methodologies to ascertain the effectiveness of instruction in meeting instructional goals.

Performance Indicators Justification

4.1 Demonstrates ability to use formative evaluation strategies to evaluate the quality of instruction.




4.3 Demonstrates ability to select a variety of appropriate assessment instruments and use those instruments to assess effectiveness of instruction in meeting instructional objectives.




4.4 Documents results from formative evaluations and uses those results to revise instructional materials, and/or instructional development process.

4.1 In IU5, for my formative evaluation strategy I had a Master Technology Teacher as my Subject Matter Expert, a principal as my One-to-one evaluator, and coworkers as my small group evaluation to evaluate the quality of instruction. 


4.3  To assess the effectiveness of instruction in meeting instructional objectives, I created a table in which the SME would provided feedback on the effectiveness of each instructional objective.  The One-to-one evaluator and small group evaluation would answer a series of questions on how effective the instructional objectives were while they went through my first draft of instructional materials.


4.4 In IU5, I conducted a formative evaluation and used the information gather from my SME, one to one and group evaluators to revise and update my instructional materials.

Modifications Made

In my first draft materials I corrected the many grammatical and spelling errors in each section.  I added arrows and a text box to show the different sub steps the user needed to do on step 9.  This was just a first draft materials, the project was developed further in edtc6323.





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