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Artifact 3 Report

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Juan M. Garcia


EDTC 6323: Multimedia/Hypermedia


Interactive Multimedia Learning Object

Project Description:

This project is a continuation of my instructional unit that was developed in 6321. In this project I created an interactive multimedia learning object using Camtasia software.  The interactive multimedia learning object I developed shows teachers at J.S. Adame Elementary how to create a quiz or mini quiz using the smart board templates available to them.  Teachers at our campus tend to use the Smart Board only for a device to view what they are projecting and not utilizing it for its intended purposes.   Once they learn how to create a quiz then they will be able to use it for any content area. 

Responsibilities Met:

Responsibility 2: Design. The candidate will design instruction (or human performance strategies) to meet the needs of learners. Design documents and projects must show evidence of analysis of problem situation, awareness of unique characteristics of intended audience and implications for instruction, selection and implementation instructional strategies consistent with analysis of the learning situation and intended learners, selection and justification of appropriate medias, and evidence of both formative and summative evaluation strategies.

Performance Indicators Justification

2.1 Demonstrates ability to perform analysis and documentation of instructional need or opportunity resulting in student-centered, performance based instructional objectives based upon, and appropriate for, a specific audience.


2.3 Demonstrates ability to select and integrate into instruction a variety of research-based instructional strategies.




2.4 Demonstrates ability to develop and select appropriate assessment instruments.


2.1  In Project 1, A performance analysis was done and the learning characteristics, learning context,  and performance objectives were documented. 




2.3 The instructional strategies used for this instructional object were the Dick and Carey Systems Approach Model for designing instruction. Th instructional object also follows Gagne's five major learning components which are pre-instructional activities, content presentation, learner participation, assessment, and follow-through activities.


2.4 The assessment instruments used in this learning object were a series of short answer questions after each performance objective and the final product will be evaluated using a rubric.

Responsibility 3: Development, Utilization and Management. The candidate will develop, utilize and manage a variety of media and instructional technologies to deliver instruction to students.

Performance Indicators Justification

3.1 Demonstrates ability to develop instruction using a minimum of three different medias.


3.2 Applies research-based rationale for the selection and utilization of technologies for learning.


3.3 Demonstrates ability to manage projects and evaluate progress and improvement.




3.4 Uses the results of evaluation methods to revise and update instructional materials.


3.1 To develop instruction I used Microsoft word, graphics, audio, and Camtasia software.


3.2  I used a cognitive approach to the selection and utilization of technologies for learning.  Learner participation is a key component in my learning object. 


3.3 The project was divided into three parts to manage the project and evaluate my progress.  I used the course calendar to make sure I managed my project properly. I made improvements to my project after each part was completed. 


3.4  I used the results of my evaluations to revise and update my learning object.  After each part was completed I made revisions and uploaded my revised materials on my wiki page.

Responsibility 4: Evaluation.The candidate uses incisive and relevant assessment and evaluation techniques (e.g., product or project which uses formative and/or summative evaluations). Candidate demonstrates the ability to evaluate quality of instructional materials and instructional systems using appropriate methodologies. Candidate also demonstrates the ability to use formative and summative assessment methodologies to ascertain the effectiveness of instruction in meeting instructional goals.

Performance Indicators Justification

4.2 Demonstrates ability to use summative strategies to evaluate the quality of instruction.









4.3 Demonstrates ability to select a variety of appropriate assessment instruments and use those instruments to assess effectiveness of instruction in meeting instructional objectives.




4.4 Documents results from formative evaluations and uses those results to revise instructional materials, and/or instructional development process.

4.2.  A summative evaluation was used to test the quality of instruction and I used their feedback to correct some concerns they had with my learning object. Some of the concerns were the audio was too low, my title menu was inconsistent, callouts were not working properly, and they wanted to be able to go back and forth after each section.  To correct theses concerns I raised the audio, I redid the title slide and made it more consistent, the callouts were corrected and  I added callouts to the end of each section in the form of arrows that allow the learner to go back to the previous section or move forward.  


4.3 A variety of appropriate assessment instruments were used to assess effectiveness of instruction. I used a subject matter expert to run through my learning object to check for inconsistencies, errors, and typos to reduce quality issues.  I conducted a field trial with colleagues to see if they could perform the standards set in my performance objective.  My colleagues achieved the goal proving the learning object to be effective.


4.4 I documented the results from my evaluations and used those results to revise my instructional object.  I emailed each evaluator with a link to my learning object and asked them to check for the effectiveness and quality of instructions.  I had minor audio issues with my Camtasia video and inconsistencies that I addressed in my learning object.

Modifications Made

The modifications I made to my learning object were that I corrected the audio an reduced the background noise in my Camtasia video.  One of the slides in my video was inconsistent, so I corrected it.  I corrected the callouts in my video that were not working properly.  The short answer quizzes were moved towards the end of each objective and I added menu slides to the end of each section to provide the learner the ability to go back to the previous section and move forward to the next section.



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