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Artifact 4 Report

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Juan M. Garcia


EDTC 6325: Educational Telecommunications


E-Learning Module: eChalk Module

Project Description:

In this project I had to develop an e-learning instructional module using an open source courseware management system, otherwise know as a moodle.  My e-learning module consisted of 4 lessons, and each lesson had an overview, assignment, discussion activity, quiz and multimedia presentation.  The e-learning module I developed provided teachers with a guide on how to use the eChalk webpage the school district had purchased.  The e-learning module showed teachers how to set up their accounts, add important information, resources, and important dates to the classroom calendar.  

Responsibilities Met:

Responsibility 2: Design. The candidate will design instruction (or human performance strategies) to meet the needs of learners. Design documents and projects must show evidence of analysis of problem situation, awareness of unique characteristics of intended audience and implications for instruction, selection and implementation instructional strategies consistent with analysis of the learning situation and intended learners, selection and justification of appropriate medias, and evidence of both formative and summative evaluation strategies.

Performance Indicators Justification

2.1 Demonstrates ability to perform analysis and documentation of instructional need or opportunity resulting in student-centered, performance based instructional objectives based upon, and appropriate for, a specific audience.



2.4 Demonstrates ability to develop and select appropriate assessment instruments.



2.1  In e-learning Project part 1, the documentation for the analysis of the instructional need was provided.  The instructional goal and objectives were developed and the description of the intended audience and learning context was written.  The Instructional Goal for this module was: Using the eChalk webpage software, teachers will create a webpage that will provide parents with an overview of what is being taught in the classroom, allow students to collaborate with the teacher, provide students with resources and access to important information when students are out of the classroom via the web.


2.4 The e-learning module was divided into four lessons.  The assessment instruments developed for the e-learning module were based on each lesson.  After every lesson was completed the learner had to turn in an assignment and complete a quiz that had a mixture of multiple choice questions, and True and False.  These assessment instruments were appropriate because they were based on the content from each lesson.   

Responsibility 3: Development, Utilization and Management. The candidate will develop, utilize and manage a variety of media and instructional technologies to deliver instruction to students.

Performance Indicators Justification

3.1 Demonstrates ability to develop instruction using a minimum of three different medias.


3.2 Applies research-based rationale for the selection and utilization of technologies for learning.



3.3 Demonstrates ability to manage projects and evaluate progress and improvement.



3.4 Uses the results of evaluation methods to revise and update instructional materials.

3.1 The medias used in this e-learning module were text, audio, and video using Camtasia software.


3.2 Research has shown that using a variety of multimedia tools will engage  the learner and the learner will retain more information. 



3.3 The e-learning module was divided into six parts and I could not move on to the next part until the professor evaluated my progress and provided feedback for improvements on my module.  


3.4 Using the professors feedback, I revised my module and updated my instructional materials. 


Modifications Made

This was my first time using a Moodle and I had some difficulty formatting my description and outline.  I figure out the problem and reformatted the text to make it easier to read.  I also fixed the windows that were popping up and had them appear within the lesson.   I added length to my lesson overviews because they were to short. 




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