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Artifact 5 Report

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Juan M. Garcia


EDTC 6343: Master Technology Teacher Practicum


Leadership and Professional Development

Project Description:

This artifact reports describes the different leadership roles and professional development I have attended since the start of my masters courses.  After completing my MTT certification, I feel that I have been making an impact in my school District.  I have provided many professional development at my campus and also district wide.  I have attended state and regional conferences.  I am also on the technology committee where we make decisions that impact the school district. 

Responsibilities Met:

Responsibility 1: Leadership and Professional Development. The candidate will demonstrate leadership and continued improvement of professional practice that requires critical inquiry, professional development, and reflective practice (e.g., membership in professional organizations, submission of a paper for publication, attendance at a local, state, regional, or national conferences). The candidate demonstrates knowledge of past, present and future trends in instructional technologies.


Performance Indicators Justification

1.1 Attends minimum of one regional, state or national conference that directly supports professional growth in instructional technologies.


1.2 Joins a minimum of one professional organization.


1.3 Submits a 3000-word formal paper (in APA format) that describes past, present and future trends in instructional technologies and/or ISD.

1.1 To insure my professional growth in instructional technologies, I have attended the TCEA conference for the past three years.  I also provide technology trainings for my campus and district wide.


1.2 I am currently a member of the Texas Computer Education Association.



1.3  I submitted my formal paper "Effects of Podcasting on Higher Education."


Modifications Made:

Currently I provided staff development for my campus.  In May, I am presenting at the Region I conference in South Padre Island.  I am also going to provide district wide staff development in August for the upcoming school year.



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